Who should join IACRD?

You should, if you are an:
Professor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Senior Scientist, Principle Scientist, Researchers and Experts

Why should you join IACRD?

Membership helps you to establish contacts and create a personal network of active professionals with similar responsibilities and interests. Be involved in developing and delivering education and training activities for researches. Keep abreast of new standards and technologies that affect scientific Evaluation. IACRD membership is good for Annual & Life Time

Member benefits include:

As a member of The IACRD, you will be entitled to the following benefits

  • A recognized platform where editors of all Journals, Supervisors of thesis, Chairman of projects, Universities, Organization will be able to find you.
  • Recognition of all your contributions as a reviewer
  • A linkage with the International Publishing Industry that collaborates with the IACRD.
  • 20% waive off:
    • in the registration fee for the Trainings of Reviewers
    • in the registration for the IACRD Annual Conference
    • in the Registration for other IACRD Events
  • An annual subscription to IACRD’s journals
  • Access to your fellow members through IACRD’s website and membership directory
  • Access to the IACRD List to communicate with members and colleagues on issues of interest to the field of science editing

Categories of Membership:

A. Regular Membership: Any individual interested in the purposes of the Council, as stated in these Bylaws, shall be eligible for regular membership. Upon receipt of application and payment of dues, members qualify to vote and hold office.
B. Sustaining Membership: Sustaining (non-voting) membership shall be open to any qualified organization or individual wishing to support the objectives of the Council.
C. Emeritus Membership: Emeritus-level membership shall be available to any member aged 65 years or older, and will include all the benefits of full membership. Dues for emeritus members will equal one-half the dues of full membership. Members who cannot afford the reduced membership fee may petition the Board of Directors for lenience. Board decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
D. Student Membership: Any full-time student in an accredited college or university shall be eligible for Student Membership after payment of dues. Student members are not eligible to hold office.
E. Discounted Membership for Developing Countries: Any member whose home country is in Band 1 or Band 2 of the HINARI list shall be eligible for Discounted Membership for Developing Countries. Science Editor will be provided to these members in the form of a PDF file. Members may continue to use the discount as long as their home country remains on the HINARI list. Upon receipt of application and payment of dues, members qualify to vote and hold office.
F. Group Memberships: Any organization, publication, or society interested in supporting the purposes and mission of the Council is eligible.  All individual members of the group membership will receive the same benefits as a Worldwide Member.

Admission to Membership:

Any individual or organization eligible for membership under the provisions hereof, and desiring to become a member of the Council, shall submit a membership application to Council headquarters and shall become a member on payment of first dues.


Any member may resign with written notification to the Board of Directors, whereupon such resignation shall be considered effective immediately.