COU provides adult continuing education. It was developed to meet the needs of adults by offering non-resident degree and other programs on an international basis. The programs have been organized and developed using as a starting point the “off-campus” external degree concept tried and tested by the various “universities without walls”.

There are no entry requirements for undergraduate courses. You decide how long you will take to complete your course work. While you are studying, a teacher will be available to offer help, answer questions, and guide you through the learning process, but students are free to choose their own study pace.

As an institution of distance learning, COU has been able to assemble a faculty of recognized experts from throughout the global marketplace. Our faculty consists of university professors, business executives, consultants, and other specialists. Though these instructors vary in subject matter expertise, they share important attributes. All of them are actively practicing what they teach, and they are skilled in imparting their knowledge through distance learning channels and technology.

COU is committed to providing equal opportunities for study. We welcome applications from English and Spanish speaking people of all nationalities and from any background, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, occupation, marital status, sensory or physical disability, religious or other beliefs.

Commonwealth Open University is an international institution registered and established in the British Virgin Islands (U.K), which has many students all over the world. COU educational programs are acknowledged as the foremost, with an excellent academic reputation. COU staff and lecturers are very committed to quality in services.

Our graduates have had remarkable success in having their degrees accepted. We will gladly supply information to potential or current employers or institutions.